Journaling (January 2010): Facebook #1

I had posted this last journal page on my Facebook so I was not sure it was a good idea to also post it on my website. Not everybody is a fan on Facebook, so here it is…Every time I look at my drawing, I see the post and I blush and cringe. Don’t ask, I am not telling what that post was about.

Watercolor (March 2010):

In one of the last classes,  this semester, Dan introduces us to the use of watercolor for our comics. For the following week, we need to to do a small story in one or two pages. Our drawings need to be on watercolor paper and they have to be inked and colored. I choose a memory from a trip to Pescadero during spring break when my children were younger. The water was really cold. From there, I imagined this story of two young girls meeting on a beach.

Journaling (January 2010):

Dan asked us to use an event from our day as a basis for our comics that week. He was hoping we would do one per night, from thumbnails to finished colored page. I managed to do four. Here are the first two. It was a very rainy week.


















Dream (February 2010):

Dan asked us to use a dream as the basis for that week assignment. I usually have a hard time remembering dreams but this one stayed with me.  It was a real challenge to put into words and pictures something as fleeting as a dream.  As a personal challenge, I decided to try drawing my characters in a more realistic style and to play a little bit with the size of the panels.

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