100 Hundred, Fun Hundred event: Carnival Cut-outs with Vintage Girl Scouts Uniforms. The 1940s

Mock-up for the Photo Op Boards of Historic Girl Scout Uniforms at the Centennial Celebration. The GS Mariner and the Summer Camp Uniforms in 1940. Danièle Archambault

Girl Scouts Mariner and Summer Camp Uniforms

We got more work done on the  Photo Op Boards of Historic GS Uniforms for the 100 Hundred, Fun Hundred event.

The second board will feature uniforms from the 1940s. One of them is the first uniform of the Girl Scout Mariner (1934-1940). The Mariner program started in 1934 for older girls interested in outdoor and water based activities. The second uniform is a Summer camp uniform from 1940. The Girl Scouts who went camping had to wear this special uniform which features a shirt, a scarf and wide shorts.. The vintage uniform that will be displayed on the board belonged to Marion Mandell, one of the people involved in this project and still and active adult Girl Scouts.

Here’s the  mock-up of the second board. As I indicated before, the final board will feature the real vintage uniforms. Only the hair, hat, legs and arms will be painted. That’s my job: design and painting.  One more mock-up to come.



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