The Latino Comics Expo at the Cartoon Art Museum

For Mother’s Day, I went to the first Latino Comics Expo at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. It was wonderful! I got to meet all those incredible artists and chat with them. Such a friendly and welcoming group of people! I got many useful tips and lots of encouragement. Some authors, when they found out I was also doing bilingual comics, even gave me  a copy of their latest book. The event was well organized. As you got in, you were given a big white card that said Happy Mother’s Day and on which you could collect drawings and signatures form the artists. I got some wonderful artwork on my card. However, later on, I bought the amazing event poster and collected even more signatures and drawings on it. The poster is beautiful (illustration by Jose Cabrera), unfortunately I cannot scan it because of its large size.

I met some extraordinary people. The extremely nice and warm Rafael Navarro (SONAMBULO) who gave  me many of his books and did some wonderful drawings on my card and on my poster. Jose Cabrera (Crying Macho Man) who gave me useful advice, took the time to look at my book , gave me his last book (You so loco) and did a wonderful drawing on my (his) poster. Michael Aushenker ( El Gato Crime Manger, Cartoon Flophouse) who also gave me some books, did a beautiful big drawing in one of them and wrote the “dédicace” in French, something I realized only after I left the event. I also was very impressed to meet Hector Cantu because I read BALDO in the newspaper and my kids and I have read his books. I also met a team of new authors, Mario T. Lanao and Cristian Garcia (Reluctant Zero) with whom I had a great chat (and I forget the name of the very nice young woman who was with them). And many more interesting and nice artists…Carlos Saldana (wonderful on the panel and in person), Jaime Crespo (thank you for the great tips on self-publishing and the beautiful drawing on my poster), Anthony Oropeza (Amigo Man), wonderful artist who did an elaborate drawing on my poster, Javier Hernandez (thank you for the event and all the laughs ). And I had a great time chatting with Grasiela Rodriguez (Lunatic Fringe) and Crystal Gonzalez (In the Dark).

A wonderful Mother’s Day. And my warmest thanks to my husband and son who came along with me…

To see some photos of the event just follow this link…


Mother's Day card at the Latino Comics Expo


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