Yes! “Stairway Stories” comes out Monday, August 30!

In the Montreal of my childhood

40p, full-colour English and French.

Stairway Stories consists, for the most part, of a collection of twelve one-page stories featuring two French-speaking children, Doudou and Danny, growing up in Montreal in the late 1950s. In those years, public schools in Montreal, like almost everywhere in Quebec, were religious, usually Catholic for those whose native language was French.  Boys and girls were in separate classrooms and, often, in different schools. However, Doudou and Danny are next-door neighbors and, even though they’re entering school, it doesn’t prevent them from continuing to discover life side by side. And because they live in Montreal, their stories often have, as a backdrop, a stairway.

I grew up in Montreal and I lived most of my live in a beautiful French neighborhood called Villeray. Then, many years ago now, I moved to the United States. This is why the last stories in this book are inspired by my life in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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