Winter 2017 Visual Storytelling class. Writing and Publishing a Graphic Novel.

Graphic novel class starts next week at the Palo Alto Art Center.

Writing and Publishing a Graphic Novel. Danièle Archambault

Writing and Publishing a Graphic Novel. Danièle Archambault

Class description:

Experience the excitement of writing and publishing a graphic novel! In this class, we will digitally publish a collective graphic novel. The main theme will be “Voyage,” a term that can be taken literally or figuratively. Students may select any type of visual narrative: comics, memoirs, travel diaries, children stories, science-fiction epics, super-hero adventures, etc. Each student will develop a three to five page story, applying the fundamentals of storytelling such as storyboarding, thumbnailing, character design, picture composition, camera angles and shots, page layouts, etc. We will also learn to organize our collection of individual stories into a cohesive digital graphic novel. Topics covered will include book layout, cover design, title page, preface, barcodes and isbn numbers, copyrights, etc. The graphic novel will be designed with a simple and convenient iPad app that can generate two types of digital publication files: a PDF and an ePub. Students can use traditional or digital tools. This is a great class for art beginners as well as experienced artists.

To registerer for the class, click here. 

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