Girl Scouts One Hundred-Fun Hundred Celebration!

Yesterday, Girls Scouts of Northern California celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts USA organization. More than 20, 000 people convened at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, in Pleasanton to take part in whole day of  amazing activities and celebrations.

The Girl Scout Heritage Museum

Celebrating Girl Scouting also means remembering its heritage. Yesterday, the  Girl Scout Heritage Museum  allowed the visitors a unique look at the evolution of Girl Scouting through the past 100 years.  Members of the Girl Scouts of Northern California Heritage Committee put together an amazing exhibit! Visitors had the opportunity to look closely at vintage GS uniforms and artifacts and to stroll through a fantastic outdoor exhibit showcasing the evolution of GS camping through the years.

Photo Op Boards of Historic GS Uniforms.

The Photo Op Boards of Historic GS Uniforms were a huge success! Similar to carnival cut-outs, those boards featured two vintage GS uniforms from different eras on each of them. Leslie Burchyns, Marion Mandell and I were very proud of our project! Volunteers from the Palo Alto Service Unit One in Palo Alto helped us through out the day to make sure that everything ran smoothly while girls and adults got their pictures taken. So, many thanks to Evelyn Aguon, Winnie Doty, Joanne Westerndorf, Diane Reklis, Marcie Brown, Laurie Winslow, Karen and Kelsey Smestad.

Marina Park and Joyce Richards in vintage GS uniforms!

Marina Park, CEO of GSNorCal and Joyce Richards, ex CEO of GS San Francisco Bay Area were the first visitors to have their picture taken in the boards. Joyce is in a uniform from the 1919-1928 period (notice the bloomers!) while Marina features one used between 1928-1935.

Marina Park and Joyce Richards in vintage Girl Scout uniforms!
Marina Park and Joyce Richards in vintage Girl Scout uniforms!

Now Leslie Burchyns and Marion Mandell in vintage GS uniforms!

The second board featured uniforms from the 1940s. One of them is the first uniform of the Girl Scout Mariner (1934-1940). The Mariner program started in 1934 for older girls interested in outdoor and water based activities. The second uniform is a summer camp uniform from 1940. To be able to move freely girls wore this special uniform which features a shirt, a scarf and wide shorts. The camping uniform on the board belonged to Marion Mandell but the head belongs to Leslie Burchyns!

Girl Scout Mariner and Girl Scout Summer Camp uniforms. 1940's.
Girl Scout Mariner and Girl Scout Summer Camp uniforms. 1940’s.

Uniforms from the 1960’s were displayed on the third board. The Junior Girl Scout uniform worn between 1963-1968, consisted of a green dress, a green elastic belt, a sash, socks, a beret and…a bright yellow bow tie!  The Brownie uniform of the same years (1961-1968) featured a brown dress, an elastic belt, brown socks, the famous beanie hat and…a bright tangerine tie! Those were the colors of the 1960s! The Brownie Girl Scout is holding a Brownie doll, wearing the original Brownie pixie-style hat. I think the models are quite cute!

Girl Scouts Junior and Brownie uniforms. The 1960's!
Girl Scouts Junior and Brownie uniforms. The 1960’s!