A Graphic Memoir Workshop! Nov. 29 and Dec. 6

A Graphic Memoir Workshop

by Danièle Archambault

A Graphic Memoir Workshop by Daniele Archambault

Do you want to preserve the memory of the significant moments in your life, in a special and exciting new way? This inspiring workshop is for you!

In a graphic memoir, an author narrates a period of her or his life, using sequential art to illustrate the story. Over the course of two afternoons, you will have the opportunity to develop your own one-page graphic memoir about a chosen moment of your life, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

We will first look at the work of graphic memoir authors like Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) and Art Spiegelman (Maus). Then you will work on developing your own unique story.

You really don’t need to have a background or special talent in art or in literature!  Just come with your stories (funny or sad), your special memories or your personal reflections on life.

And maybe you will want to share this one-page graphic memoir with your family and friends in your holiday letter!

When:      Tuesdays, Nov. 29 and Dec. 6, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.

Where:     The class will meet in the cosy atmosphere of a private house in Palo Alto, California.

Price:       $35 (Special holiday price)

Website:    www.DanieleBD.com

Reservations and information:    Daniele@DanieleBD.com

Please note: For adults 18 and over.

A comic book workshop for Girl Scouts–Atelier de BD pour Girl Scouts.

A comic workshop for Girl Scouts.
Last week, I was invited to give a one-hour comic book workshop to a group of about 20 Junior Girl Scouts in Palo Alto. It was part of a whole day of activities organized by their leaders and parent volunteers. The activities focused on leadership: the leadership qualities of some great women and those of the girls.  I got to watch how a group of 20 young girls chose a service project…by consensus. Quite a process! The service project they chose had to do with finding money to help an animal shelter. Once they decided on their project, the girls had to design a one-page comic book explaining the steps they were going to take in order to achieve this service project. I was invited to guide them in the process. Each of the girls first produced a thumbnail of the comic-page they wanted  to do. Each panel represented one of the steps of the service project. They designed the drawings and wrote their script. Then they did their final comic page on an 8.5 by 11 smooth Bristol paper. They first did the pencilling and then they inked their page. Those girls were amazing! They managed to achieve this in one hour! They worked seriously but with a lot of laughs. I wish I could show you the pictures of these girls working on their pages. Unfortunately, for reasons of privacy, I cannot put up pictures of Girl Scouts on a website. However, I can show you some of their work in progress. I also told the girls that once they are done with their pages (they can color them at home), they can lend them to me. I’ll scan them and feature each of them on this website.

Meanwhile, here are two of my sketches of the girls and some of the comic pages they did.

Un atelier de BD pour les Guides (Girl Scouts).

La semaine dernière, j’ai été invitée à donner un atelier d’une heure à un groupe d’une vingtaine de Guides, niveau Junior (4ème, 5ème et 6ème année du primaire), à Palo Alto. L’atelier faisait partie de toute une journée d’activités sur le leadership: les qualités de leadership de femmes connues et celles des Guides elles-mêmes. J’ai pu observer comment un groupe de 20 petites filles arrivent à décider d’un projet de service communautaire…par consensus. Toute une affaire! Elles ont choisi un projet dans lequel elle devaient ramasser de l’argent pour aider un refuge pour animaux. Une fois le projet décidé, les Guides devaient faire une BD d’une page, dans laquelle elles expliquaient les étapes nécessaires à la réalisation de leur projet. Mon rôle était de les guider dans l’élaboration de leur BD. Chacune des filles a d’abord produit les vignettes (thumbnails). Chaque case devait décrire une étape. Elles ont planifié les dessins et les textes. Ensuite, elles ont dessiné leur travail final sur une feuille de papier Bristol 8.5 X 11. Elles ont fait le dessin à la mine puis elles ont encré leur page. C’était extraordinaire de le voir travailler! Elles travaillaient sérieusement mais gaiement. J’aimerais pourvoir vous montrer des photos des filles en plein travail mais en raison des règlements sur la confidentialité, je ne peux pas. Je peux vous montrer cependant des photos de leur travail . J’ai aussi proposer aux Guides de scanner leurs pages, une fois les couleurs terminées à la maison, et de mettre le travail de chacune d’elles sur mon blog.

En attendant, voici deux de mes croquis de cet atelier et des photos du travail des Guides.

A Junior Girl Scout


Junior Girl Scouts