Stairway Stories: Dandelions for Mother’s Day!

Stairway Stories: Doudou and Danny celebrate Mother’s Day.

In Québec, we adopted the american tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. This is also the case in Belgium and other countries. However, in France, although the event is also held during May, it’s celebrated on the last Sunday of the month.

It’s a tradition to offer flowers to mothers on that day, especially carnations.  If you want to know why, follow this link to wikipedia. However, these days, mothers can receive a variety of beautiful and exotic flowers.

When Doudou and Danny were growing up, in Montreal, in the late 1950’s, mothers  often received a big bouquet of lilacs. These flowers usually bloom in mid-May; they’re beautiful and their perfume is amazing.  However, Doudou and Danny live on a second floor and although one of their neighbors has a beautiful lilac tree, on Mother’s Day, you need to give her 0.50 cents to get a bouquet. This is way too expensive for Doudou and her friends! Luckily, the landlord, who lives downstairs from Doudou, has a garden full of wild flowers that she is happily letting the children pick for their mothers!

Stairway Stories: Mother's Day! Comics by Danièle Archambault

Stairway Stories: Mother’s Day! Comics by Danièle Archambault

City children, our wild flowers were mainly dandelions. And we loved them! These bright yellow flowers were the first sign of the approaching summer…