Contes de Noël-Christmas Stories

Je viens de finir de mettre l’encre sur les deux pages. Cliquez sur Histoires d’escaliers pour voir les trois premières cases.

I just finished the inking on the two pages. Go to the section Stairway Stories to see the first three frames.

A lump in the throat

I posted a new page my Stairway Stories series. It’s the conclusion to the previous page in which the children argue about digits and addresses. This story is based on something that happened to me when I was a child. My address really only had three digits back then and…still only has three digits now. Read the whole page by clicking on Stairway Stories

My comic book is now available!

My comic book is here! It arrived just before I left for Montreal. I still find it hard to believe. My class project from April is now a real book. I learned so much in the past four months! Thanks again to my amazing teacher Dan Archer.

If you live near Montreal, you can buy Stairway Stories at Planète BD and at Librairie Olivieri for $10. Do you live too far away? Maybe in California? You can order it by sending me an email at Daniele at DanieleBD dot com. It’s the same price and shipping is included.  A bilingual comic book (French and English), full color, 40 pages.

Ma bande dessinée est maintenant disponible!

J’ai ma bande dessinée entre les mains! Elle peut aussi être entre les vôtres! Elle est arrivée le 30 août juste avant mon départ pour Montréal. J’en suis encore toute étonnée. Ce qui n’était qu’un projet de classe à la fin avril est maintenant bel et bien réalité. J’ai tant appris durant ces quatre derniers mois! Merci encore à Dan Archer, un professeur extraordinaire.

Si vous habitez près de Montréal, vous pouvez trouver Histoires d’escaliers chez Planète BD et à la Librairie Olivieri au coût de $10. Vous habitez trop loin? Peut-être en Californie? Vous pouvez la commander, pour le même prix (frais de transport inclus), en m’envoyant un courriel à: Daniele à DanièleBD point com. Une bande dessinée de 40 pages, en couleurs, bilingue, français et anglais.

Yes! “Stairway Stories” comes out Monday, August 30!

In the Montreal of my childhood

40p, full-colour English and French.

Stairway Stories consists, for the most part, of a collection of twelve one-page stories featuring two French-speaking children, Doudou and Danny, growing up in Montreal in the late 1950s. In those years, public schools in Montreal, like almost everywhere in Quebec, were religious, usually Catholic for those whose native language was French.  Boys and girls were in separate classrooms and, often, in different schools. However, Doudou and Danny are next-door neighbors and, even though they’re entering school, it doesn’t prevent them from continuing to discover life side by side. And because they live in Montreal, their stories often have, as a backdrop, a stairway.

I grew up in Montreal and I lived most of my live in a beautiful French neighborhood called Villeray. Then, many years ago now, I moved to the United States. This is why the last stories in this book are inspired by my life in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.