Doudou, Danny and Valentine’s Day.

A trip for Valentine’s Day

Doudou and Danny are the main characters in my comic book series, Stairway Stories. They are six years-old and best friends. Danny just got a marvelous present from his father: a red tricycle. So, the two friends decide to use it to go on a trip. They want to go as far as possible. They want to go on the most wonderful trip in the world. And from what they understood, listening to the adults and the radio shows, watching some television, they know what that destination is, what trip they should go on. And there, they go…

This story is based on a childhood memory. I went on that marvelous trip with my little neighbor Alain, on the back of his tricycle. We got the idea after finding an old bouquet of flowers in our neighbor’s garbage. You can’t go on this trip without some flowers…

This morning, I was thinking of Valentine’s Day and that memory just came back to me.

A Honeymoon story for Valentine's Day. Stairway Stories by Danièle Archambault

A Honeymoon story for Valentine’s Day. Stairway Stories by Danièle Archambault