For Father’s Day? Just… peace, please.

Peace for Father’s Day

Back in Palo Alto from a short trip to the Montreal for Comic Arts Festival, I get back to work on my next projet: A new comic book of about 100 episodes of the Stairway Stories series. The book should be ready by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, since tomorrow is Father’s Day, here are the first two panels of a story on this topic.

Doudou’s teacher asked her little students to question their fathers about what they would like for Father’s Day. Louise’s dad wishes something that is difficult for her to share with the class. It will delight her teacher but make Doudou and Marion suspicious.

Fist two panels of the Father’s Day story:

Peace for Father's Day. Stairway Stories. Danièle Archambault

Peace for Father’s Day. Stairway Stories. Danièle Archambault