My Project for the Girl Scout Centennial Celebration Festival: Carnival Cut-outs with Vintage GS Uniforms

100 Hundred, Fun Hundred

This year, Girl Scouts of USA are celebrating their100th anniversary! All over the USA, celebrations are planned. In Northern California, the GS Centennial Celebration will be held in Pleasanton, on May 5th, 2012. On that day, 20, 000 Girl Scouts are expected to participate in the 100 Hundred, Fun Hundred event.

I will be volunteering all day at the Heritage Museum building. Many wonderful items describing the history of Girl Scouting in the USA will be on display.  For this event, I am working on a special and fun project with two other adult Girl Scouts, Leslie and Marion: Photo Op Boards of Historic GS Uniforms. Similar to Carnival Cut-outs, these three boards will be displayed in the Heritage Museum building. Each of them will feature two vintage GS uniforms from different eras. Girls (and adults) will be able to put their head through the holes in the boards and have their picture taken. Modern Girl Scouts in historic uniforms!

The first board will feature a Girl uniform from the 1919-1928 period. This uniform include long bloomers worn under the dress so girls could move freely, be very active and still be modest. The second uniform on that board was the one used between 1928-1935. The color is different and and the bloomers are gone.

Here’s my mock-up of this first board. Of course, the final board will feature the real uniforms. Only the hair, hat, legs and arms will be painted. That’s my job: design and painting. I’ll post the other mock-ups later…

Mock-ups for the Photo Op Boards of 1919-1928 GS Uniforms. Danièle Archambault