100 Hundred, Fun Hundred event: Carnival Cut-outs with Vintage Girl Scouts Uniforms. The 1960s!

Junior and Brownie Girl Scouts of the 1960s!

This is the last of the  Photo Op Boards of Historic GS Uniforms for the 100 Hundred, Fun Hundred event.

This third board will feature uniforms from the 1960s. The Junior Girl Scout uniform worn between 1963-1968, consisted of a green dress, a green elastic belt, a sash, socks, a beret and…a bright yellow bow tie!  The Brownie uniform of the same years (1961-1968) featured a brown dress, an elastic belt, brown socks, the famous beanie hat and…a bright tangerine tie! Those were the colors of the 1960s! The Brownie Girl Scout is holding a Brownie doll, wearing the original Brownie pixie-style hat.

Here’s the  mock-up of this last board. As I indicated before, the final board will feature the real vintage uniforms. Only the hair, hat, legs and arms will be painted.

To find out more about the various Girl Scouts uniforms over the century, you can go this Girl Scouts online exhibit.

Junior and Brownie Girl Scout uniforms. The 1960s)