Stairway Stories. Back to School!

Back to School? So soon?

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Back to school time always comes too quickly for children. Even though, back in the 1950s, in Québec, kids went back to school only after LabourDay, in early September, Doudou and her friends are not happy about going back to school while they’re still enjoying the beautiful summer days!  Like all the other kids in public schools, they have to put on their school uniforms and walk to a brand new school year. They would rather keep playing…

Back to school? So soon?

Back to school? So soon?

Mon deuxième album est arrivé! –My second book arrived!

Voilà! J’ai mon livre entre les mains. Il vient tout juste d’arriver par UPS Express. Les couleurs sont belles. Je ne vois pas de problèmes majeurs. Donc, demain, il passe à l’impression! J’aurai tous les exemplaires d’ici une semaine. En attendant, voici un extrait encore plus grand de la page couverture. La semaine prochaine (ou avant. Pourquoi pas?), je mettrai l’annonce officielle avec les couvertures complètes, français et anglais, sur mon site. Comme dirait Lafontaine: “Je ne me sens pas de joie”….


It’s here! In my hands! The book just came through UPS Express. The colors are great. I don’t see any major mistakes. So, tomorrow, I send an email to the printer. And I will get all the books in about a week. Meanwhile, here’s a bigger part of the cover…Next week (or even before. Why not?), I will make the official announcement with the full covers, French and English sides) on the site. I’m overwhelmed with joy and excitement…